Review: Disneynature’s Chimpanzee

When I have a day off work I usually try to see a movie. I love going to the movies by myself in the middle of the day! Today I was so excited to see the long-awaited Chimpanzee from Disneynature.

Little Oscar is a chimpanzee living with a close “family” in the Taï Forest of Africa’s Ivory Coast. He learns how to find food (crack those hard nuts!) by watching his mother, and frequently hitches a ride on her back.

When tragedy strikes and Oscar cannot find his mother, he is rejected by the other chimpanzees with one surprising exception.

This movie had all the right elements to make it a phenomenal documentary:
1. Gorgeous photography. The brilliant shots of the rainforest panorama, sunsets, wildly growing plant-life, and the chimpanzees themselves were simply breathtaking.

2. Heart-wrenching story. From the moment you first see little Oscar, you can’t help but love him and root for his survival. There were moments when I wanted to reach out and hug him!

3. Educational bits. I learned so much from this movie – how chimpanzees interact with each other, what they eat, how they survive in the rainforest.

I have heard some people scoffing at Tim Allen’s role as the narrator, but I actually thought he was a good choice. He brought humourous elements to it where appropriate (even a Tool Time grunt!). And let’s face it, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones can’t narrate every documentary, right?

Please do go see Chimpanzee if you have a chance. If you see it in the first week, Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute to help protect the chimpanzees.

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3 Responses to Review: Disneynature’s Chimpanzee

  1. Thanks for the review Cass, it sounds like a great movie! Do you think a three year old would survive it in the theatre? Any idea how long it is? It looks absolutely adorable 🙂


    • Disney, eh? says:

      Hi Suz,
      I just realized that I missed the most important piece of my review! I think this movie is okay for older kids…maybe 7+? there is no way my 3.5 yearold could handle this one because there were some tense and scary moments with the “bad” chimpanzees fighting to good ones, and some very sad moments when Oscar can’t find his mom.

      There was a little girl near me who was maybe 5 and she kept asking her Grandpa why Oscar’s mom didn’t come back.

      Hope that helps…I wish it were something my little guy could handle.


      • Thanks Cass, very good to know cause I was thinking of taking him. But my nine year old would love to see it and so we shall just have to make it a girls day out 🙂


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