Recap Story Mania

Disney - Monkeyin AroundIt’s been a month since our last trip to WDW, and only 5 months since our first “official” family trip. (The second trip was almost like a continuation!) And I’ve been trying to figure out a logical way to recap both trips together, without creating massively long posts.

I’ve also been wanting to explore areas that we didn’t get to on these trips–stuff that we want to tackle next time around– including the moderate resort that’s on our radar, Port Orleans Riverside.

What it’s boiled down to is that I don’t have a whole lot of free time to do all of my recaps quickly, so we’re going to take it one thing at a time…a virtual exploration, I guess you could call it.

Oh, and I’m also anxiously awaiting a new blog header that my friend is designing for me. She’s a fabulously talented designer that I work with, and she also happens to be a cupcake baker on the side.

Once that new header is up, I think it will be time to pull out all the stops and really get this blog rolling.

As Walt would say, “All Aboard!”

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