If He Really Wants To Be a Cowboy…

Today’s quest: To find a Woody coyboy hat and matching belt (with holster!) for one small boy who was just itching for it.

I did my research before we hit the road. Mastermind toys only had a hat. And it was a pretty fancy one, at a steep price of $25. Uh, no thanks.

Only the Disney Store seemed to have the one we wanted. The online store listed it at $12.50 USD, so that’s great…it’ll probably run around $18.50 CDN. SOLD!

We hopped in the car and made the trek to the nearest Disney Store, which happens to be in one of the busiest malls in our area, and we hate going there because of the crazy crowds. But we do whatever we can to make our wee one happy, right? 🙂

Can you believe this toy was priced at $26.95 CDN? That’s more than twice the US price! Now, we’re used to paying more for stuff up here, but come on. That’s a ridiculous markup.

Of course, we bought it for him anyways. And he looks pretty darn cute when he tips his hat and says, “Howdy, pardner!”

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