When Friends Find the Magic

Disney - Main Street Balloons & Cinderella Castle (Explored) Some friends of ours just told us they’re planning a trip to Disney World in April. I just get so excited when I hear this! Of course, I am slightly envious, because really, we’d like to go there every month if we could.

But mostly, I am psyched because I know what’s in store for them. This will be their first time, and it’s bringing back so many memories of our first family trip back in October 2011.

They’re staying at the Wilderness Lodge, which is going to be amazing, I’m sure. So far we’ve only stayed at the value resorts, but our next trip will be to Port Orleans Riverside (fingers crossed!).

It’s funny how a little research can go a long way before you call to book your trip. Figure out what your budget is, which resorts and packages will suit your family, and I can’t state this enough: plan out your daily itinerary! I’m not saying you have to plan for every minute — that’s going overboard and you’re likely to end up frustrated and cranky. Nobody likes a crankypants at Disney. 😉

No, I mean do your research to plan which park you’ll go to on which days, and make your dining reservations according to that to make travel time easier.

Oh, I have so many things to say about this…but that will have to wait for another day. I’m off to research our next trip! 🙂

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