10 Signs You’ve Been Bitten by the Disney Bug

Mickey MintsYou know that look. The one people give you when you randomly insert Disney trivia into a conversation? Right…here are a few more signs that you (and when I say you, I really mean me) have been bitten by the Disney Bug:


  1. You set your ringtone to play music from Fantasmic! (Oh yes I did!)
  2. 90% of your internet browse time is spent on Disney blogs.
  3. When someone asks for an Altoid, you offer them a Mickey Mint.
  4. You set daily reminders in your calendar to enter the current Disney Sweepstakes.
  5. You browse the Q&A’s on the Disney Moms Panel just for fun – even when you’re not planning a vacation.
  6. When saying farewell, you wish everyone a “magical day.”
  7. When colleagues tell you about their upcoming Disney vacation, you help them plan their itinerary whether they ask for help or not. (But they usually do!)
  8. Family movie night turns into a Disney double-feature. Every night.
  9. Your motivation to exercise is Disney’s Princess Half Marathon.
  10. You start a blog as an outlet for all your pent-up Disney passion. Like this one. 🙂

What are the little things that you do, fellow Disney fans, to show your obsession passion?

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